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Flamenco events- Jose Maya

José Maya

World renowned man dancer and enthusiast of the Arts
He was born in 1983 into a Gypsy family of artists. From an early age, he shared the stage with Antonio Canales, Juan Ramírez and Joaquín Grilo. Jose Maya Serrano, was one of the active members of El Güito and Manolete's ensemble. Winner of Awards: 1st prize for La Copa Pavón in 1998  Best Dancer in the Choreography Contest of the Albéniz Theater ,Madrid in 2000.  He obtained a scholarship from the Fundación de Autor, in the prestigious Alicia Alonso Chair of Classical Ballet. Currently a sextet for "the master of flamenco" guitarist, Tomatito".  Jose mayas serranos most significant spectacles and participation: • "Vertiges " Film by cinematographer Tony Gatlif • Opening act in concerts by Marc Anthony, Beyoncé, Björk or Juan Luis Guerra • "Al Natural" with Farruco and Barullo • "El velero de las rosas" with Lola Greco • "Grito", with Alfonso Losa • “Maya” • "Carmen Amaya in memory" with Pastora Galván, Karime Amaya and Gema Moneo • "Latent" • "The remnants of chaos" • "Baila" together with Farruquito • RIZOMA, with Pastora Galván • LITURGY with Pastora Galván
Flamenco events- Alejandra hernandez

Alejandra Hernandez

Current Soloist at the Jose Maya ensemble
Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. From an early age she began her studies at the flamenco academy "Las Cabales". Forming part of the ensemble as a solo dancer and choreographer. In 1998 she settled in Madrid to develop her training in the mythical flamenco academy "Amor de Dios", where she studied with the great masters: la china María Magdalena, "La Tati", Juana Amaya, Manuel Reyes, Belén Fernández, Carmen "La Talegona", Yolanda Heredia, andothers. From 2006 to the present she had traveled arround the most important tablaos in the Spanish capital, such as Casa Patas, Café de Chinitas, Las Carboneras, El Corral de la Morería, El Corral de la Pacheca, as well as Barcelona and Paris. Most representative participations and shows in Mexico, Spain, Paris: • "Damas Flamenco" directed by the dancer Mercedes Amaya "La Winy" • "Maya" José Maya Ensemble • "España Baila" by the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid" • "Opera de Carmen" by the Ballet Flamenco de Madrid • "Monterrey Flamenco Festival" • "Festival Flamenco de Argeles" • "Marseille Flamenco Festival" • "En Klave Flamenca" with Alfonso Losa, Manuel Liñán and Mara Martínez • "Tablao" "Tour in the United States with the Alburquerque Flamenco Festival" • Jose Maya's Ensemble • "Gorbio Flamenco Festival" with Jesús Carmona, María Moreno, Carmen Gonzales and El Choro
Flamenco events- Nino de los Reyes

Nino de los Reyes

First man dancer to win a Grammy
He began his career at 9 years old with the show "Campanas flamencas" directed by Paco Sánchez, sharing the stage with artists such as Joaquín Grilo, Milagros Mengibar, La Tati, Antonio Reyes, as well as his own brother Isaac de los Reyes. Former participant of several flamenco ensembles such as Eduardo Serrano "El Guito", Carmen Cortes and Javier Barón. He is currently part of Enrique Morente's ensemble. Hehas worked with great artists such as Pepe Habichuela, Josemi Carmona, Juan José Suárez "Paquete", Jorge Pardo among others. In 2010 he won three prizes at the Choreography Contest of Flamenco and Spanish Dance in Madrid with his show "Origen": 1st prize for a solo choreographer, "Joven Esperanza del Flamenco" and "the best musical composition". Most significant shows and participations: • tribute to Paco de Lucía "Beyond memory" • Mediaset "Flamencos in Berlin". • "Stranger to Stranger" del cantante Paul Simon • participate in the 75th birthday of living jazz legend Chick Corea at the Blue Note in New York • dancing at Madison Square Garden in New York. • Part of the latest album "Antidote" by Maestro Chick Corea and The Spanish Heart Band, in collaboration with music greats such as Rubén Blades. This album won the Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album, making Nino the first dancer to win a Grammy. Currently nominated for the Latin Grammys. • Acoting withThe Spanish Heart Band at: Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival y Love Supreme. • Eown spectacles, ORIGEN, INSIDE, and his most recent creation, TIERRA directed by David Picazo.
Flamenco events- Triana Maciel

Triana Maciel

Flamenco Dancer and Choreographer
In 2019 she inherited from the iconic and renowned choreographer and teacher Hilda Prats the direction of the Flamenco Academy Las Cabales, Guadalajara, Mexico. With 16 years she won the first prize of the choreography contest of the Iberian Contemporary Festival and began her career in Spain, passing through prestigious tablaos such as Villa Rosa, Casa Patas, Las Carboneras, Corral de la Morería, Los Tarantos, Casa Camarón and the Casa del Arte and Zoraya Gardens. She won prizes such as the 1st place of the contest at Villa Rosa and the 2nd place at Las Carboneras Most significant shows and participations: • Festivals such as Tío Luis el de la Juliana and Veranos del Corral along with great artists such as Trini de la Isla, Gabriel de la Tomasa and Antonio Campos. • Projects with great artists such as Antojo, Antonio Canales and Mónica Fernández in hers tour of Venezuela, Flamenco Festival Panama, with Farruquito as special guests. • She dances and teaches in China, the United States, Kuwait, New Zealand, in ensembles such as José Porcel, Clara Ramona. • Soloist in concerts of guitarists Paco Heredia and Paul Bosauder. • Flamenco painting by Pedro Córdoba in Garlochi, Japan. • Own projects in Mexico: HuellasFlamencas, with Las Cabales, collaborating with Jesús Carmona, Nino de los Reyes, Lucía Campillo, Ismael Fernández and Antonio Sánchez. • Soloist in "Flamenco Mexicano" in homage to Hilda Prats in Ibérica Contemporánea • Dancer and guest choreography at the 7th edition of Coalición Flamenca in Aguas Calientes. • Her works "Diacronía" in homage to Hilda Prats and "Una Navidad Flamenca". • In 2020 her first streaming shows together with Nino de los Reyes.
Flamenco events- Alfonso Losa

Alfonso Losa

Flamenco man dancer and Choreographer
He began his studies at the Rafael de Córdoba Academy and conclude them at the Royal Conservatory of Dance. Awards: • "El Desplante". International Mine Competition 2008 • "Soleá". National Competition of Córdoba 2007 • "Best Dancer". Spanish Dance and Flamenco Choreography Contest In 2000 he created his own ensemble and presented the show En Candela. Most significant shows and participations • He participates in shows with artists such as Montse Cortés, Niño Josele, Tomatito, Gerardo Núñez and Farruquito. • Enrique Morente invites him to collaborate in his show Omega and in his new album Pablo de Málaga. • Guest of Carlos Saura ensemble "Flamenco Hoy" His shows: • Camino Flamenco at the Alburquerque Festival 2012 • Tendencias Flamenco a Tres 2013. • Dancers at the Festival de Jerez 2014. • creates and directs with Maria Juncal, the "Flamenco Summers in Love of God" Festival. • CON-SEQUENCE, at the Festival de Jerez 2018. Losa recapitulates what he has learned to launch into a new experience: investigating improvisation and the management of scenic energy, in real time. A challenge that very few artists can face.
Flamenco events- Vanesa Coloma

Vanesa Coloma

Flamenco Dancer and Choreographer
Flamenco dancer born in Madrid. She graduated in Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Real Conservatory of Dance of Madrid. Most significant shows and participations: • "FlamenKlorica" by Vanesa Coloma • "7 Balcones", "4 Adjectives" and "Equilibrio Flamenco" by Jesus Carmona • "Tauro" and "2 En Compañía" by Manuel Liñán, • "Oro Viejo", "Cuando Las Piedras Vuelen", "Almario", "Turquesa Como El Limón" by Rocio Molina, • "Souvenir" and "Drawings" by Belen Maya, • "Camino Flamenco" and "En Candela" by Alfonso Losa, , • "Mujeres al borde de una bata de Cola" by Yolanda Heredia, she has participated in Prestigiosos Flamenco Festivals: Seville Biennial, Jerez Festival, Festival de las Minas, Suma Flamenca, Madrid en Danza, Festival Flamenco Usa, Festival de Alburquerque, Festival de Mont de Marsan, Festival of Nimes... Awards: • In 2008 National Prize of the "Pearl of Cádiz" for Alegrías. • In 2012 finalist of the Choreography Contest of Madrid, with the piece "FlamenKlorica" • In 2017 semifinalist of the International Competition of Cante De Las Minas. She has currently participated with her show "FlamenKlorica" in major festivals. In 2019 he toured the USA. UU with the show "Prendidos" with the dancer Alfonso Losa. She currently dances in the most prestigious tablaos in Spain.

Rebeca Ortega

Flamenco dancer
Rebeca trained in flamenco, Spanish classical dance, ballet and contemporary dance in prestigious schools such as the Conservatory of Professional Dance of Seville, "Amor de Dios" in Madrid and "Flamenco Danza". Shebegan her professional career at the age of 19 in the UK which led her to create, direct and choreograph "Nottingham Flamenquitas". In 2015, she was part of "A mi manera" directed by the international flamenco dancer and choreographer, La Tati, at the Teatro Conde Duque in Madrid. In 2016 and 2017 she participated as a flamenco soloist with theinternational ambassador of the flamenco guitarist, Ricardo García, in the C-venue theatres as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2017 and 2018, he distinguished himself in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the Himmelstorm Festival and the VendersKulturCentret, with Yolanda Almodóvar Quartet and in duo with circus artist Villads Bugge Bang. He then toured the UK for the first time with "Callejondo". Hisproject "FlamenCaravana" was televised in Spain. Formar part of the most important flamenco festivals in Madrid: Suma Flamenca Joven, at the Teatros del Canal, created last year or in Seville his first solo production "RAÍCES" which meets the 3rd finalist of the Madroño Dance Young Creators competition, is chosen in the catalog Flamenco Comes from the South, international catalog eecid, with which he is on tour in England, in Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with the Spanish embassies. Heworked with the Odin Theatre in Denmark with Villads Bugge Bang to create RENDEZ-VOUS still in production, and with the band PATAX, at the London Jazz Café as part of guitarist Ramón Ruiz's company.
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