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About us

About us

La Taranta takes its name from the cherished nickname of our father, Taranto, which we have inherited over time.

Our journey in flamenco began over 25 years ago when we embarked on this path at a young age. Through dance, guitar, and percussion, each of us discovered a unique way to express ourselves and connect with the world.

As we traveled extensively and shared stages with incredible artists worldwide, our paths finally converged in Geneva. It was there that we made the decision to unite our talents and bring the very best representatives of flamenco art to this corner of the world.

La Taranta is driven by our shared mission to share our passion for flamenco with the world. We strive to showcase the authentic beauty and artistry of flamenco through mesmerizing performances, enriching workshops, and captivating events. We aim to create a vibrant flamenco community and provide a space for others to experience the profound emotions and rhythms of this enchanting art form.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we honor our father’s legacy and share our collective love for flamenco with the world.

Logotipo La Taranta Flamenco Academy
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