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What we offer

La Taranta brings you the opportunity to live and enjoy the full Flamenco experience.

We have the collaboration of internationally renowned flamenco artists to be able to offer you the best shows, workshops and masterclasses without leaving Switzerland.

For us, flamenco is a way of life and we want to share it, open the doors of our house and invite you to be part of our great flamenco family.

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Hilda Prats


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Our lessons


First experience with Flamenco?

We will focus on

Basic foot technique. Body posture. Hands and arms movement technique. Quick introduction to flamenco styles (palos) and their rhythm (compás). Palmas.


You know the basics?

The intermediate level addresses the fundamentals of flamenco dance:

Precise compass and setback. Foot movement patterns and speed. Coordination of arm, hand and feet movements uniting all of them in a small choreography.


You are an experienced dancer
In this course the objective is to improve body expression, acquire small details that transform the movement into art, learn new steps and absorb the best of each guest artist. We will also work with singer and guitarist to adapt our dance to musicality.

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